Our specialism is applied innovation – through our expertise in emerging technology, brand strategy, and an optimistic view of the future.

Every brand and creative organization faces opportunities to uplevel their knowledge, work better across internal silos, and use emerging technology to move their business forward.

We help capitalize on those opportunities.

What we do

Digital innovation is a complex challenge, with no set path. We often start our engagements with a short 4-6 week discovery project, to help us all zero in on the right approach together. To illustrate our approaches, these are some of the challenges we take on:

Brand Strategy

Zeroing in on the business category, and differentiating offering of the brand.

Idea Development

Once a problem space has been identified, we ideate solutions and products with the most potential for impact.


Quickly turn promising ideas into workable, testable prototypes, rapidly developing IP and brining a test-and-learn culture to the client organization.

Horizontal Alignment

We speak the languages of technology, data compliance, brand, design, product – and can bring those parts of the organization together to get behind an idea.

Technology Planning

Detailed architecture and implementation planning for complex digital product initiatives.

Future Casting

Taking a wide view of emerging technology, societal trends, and industry opportunities, we bring new ideas to help frame the 3-10 year horizon for a brand.

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